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The Big Dipper Ice Cream Truck aka "Coneboy" is the partnership of Big Dipper owner Charlie Beaton and his long time manager Bryan Hickey. Coneboy came to us from Columbus, Ohio driven all the way to Missoula by Jack Dempsey Boyd in March of 2010. Coneboy can be seen at most Missoula Downtown Association events, various festivals, weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc. You can see our schedule here or you can call us at 543.5722 to reserve the truck for your own function.

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Our shop is now loaded up with pre packed quarts of Pumpkin ice cream! #ohboy!
A classic forever flavor, Maple Walnut! This flavor is enjoyable all year round but there’s just something about maple ice cream in the fall. Tag your ice cream buddies that would like this flavor!
In need of a pick me up? Try our Quake Shake! It’s El Salvador coffee ice cream and coffee, instead of milk, as a shake. Guaranteed to get ya going! It’s also good with Espresso Heath, Mocha Chip, Chocolate and Mexican Chocolate. Tag your coffee loving friends that need to try this!
Cherry Coconut Milk Sorbet is now being served! #ohboy! The coconut milk sorbets don’t last long so stop by soon to enjoy it!
Don’t want to stand in line? Would you prefer to eat ice cream at home? Grab a pint from one of the many grocery stores in Missoula that sells our ice cream! You can also stop by the shop for a pre packed growler or quart or get ANY of our flavors hand packed in a quart or pint. Just ask your scooper! #ohboy!
Some of our employees that run cross country for Hellgate High School. They were all together running at the City Cross Country meet. Ella placed 3rd for the girls. Good job to everyone that ran!
Mango Habanero sorbet and Coconut ice cream as a slush or a double scoop is a great flavor combo. #ohboy! We won’t have Mango Habanero for long so stop by soon to enjoy it!
Summer may be over but we’ve still got some summer flavors. Coconut Raspberry Chocolate Chip is now being served for a limited time! #ohboy!
We’re now serving Chocolate Licorice Oreo AND chocolate waffle cones. #ohboy! Also, make sure to watch our stories for new fall flavor releases! 🎃 #pumpkinisback
Fun fact: if you blast our social media accounts with hilarious comments about wanting a certain flavor, we’ll make what you want. We see you Courtney and Nicole! MANGO HABANERO SORBET is here ladies! 😘🍦✨
We’ll be releasing fall specials soon! Today we made Pumpkin Caramel Pecan. #ohboy! Stay tuned for when we’ll be serving it!
Fall is here! #ohboy! We’ve started bringing in some fall flavors. From left to right we have Cider Sorbet, Mighty Berry, Horchata and Chocolate Coconut Chocolate Chip. Tell us which Big Dipper fall flavors you are looking forward to!
Have you tried Coco Nuts yet? It’s coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate and mixed nuts. #ohboy! If you’re looking to switch things up, give this a try!
We’ve changed to our fall hours. #ohboy! We’re now open at 11:30am to 10:30pm.
Happy National Ice Cream Cone day! This cutie knows how to celebrate. Tag your ice cream buddy that you’d like to celebrate it with! 🍦
Photo: @anelsybaby
A Strawberry Mango and a Huckleberry shake in our new compostable cups made of plants (straws coming soon)! What’s your favorite flavor as a shake?